European Pride in Aviation Network (EPAN) is an international partner of the NGPA representing the entire LGBTIQA+ aviation community throughout Europe and beyond.

Our mission is simple:

to BUILD, SUPPORT, and UNITE the LGBTQIA aviation community worldwide.

Who are we?

We are the European Pride in Aviation Network – the European partner organisation of NGPA (since 1990) and part of the worldwide LGBTQIA+ aviation community. We represent the entire aviation community – from pilots to cabin crew, ATC to ground staff, office people and enthusiasts. Most of our members identify themselves within the wide spectrum of LGBTQIA+ but we also rely on allies and supporters. One thing unites us – our passion for aviation. All are welcome.

Why are we here?

The world of aviation is often still very cis- and heteronormative and macho-masculinity is still very prevelant. It is commonly known that diversity betters the workplace and being able to bring your authentic self to your workplace makes a safer environment for everybody. Being able to be yourself and not having to hide who you are or fear exclusion is important in so many ways.
Not everyone is able to do that – we provide a safe space for everyone. A support network, a social network, and a professional network. A voice that will speak up for you if you cannot. An open ear if you experience something unpleasant. A social network to meet new friends and catch up with old ones.

Where does this happen?

All over Europe and beyond! Besides our online community, we host social and professional events around Europe: if you are travelling for work or pleasure, chances are there are members at your destination. If not, join us at an event nearby – just a flight or train ride away. Our partner organisation NGPA also hosts events around the USA – large and small.

What are we doing?

We speak up for those who cannot. We play the advocacy role within our industry, fighting for visibility, awareness, acceptance and equality. We educate those around us and network with aviation companies around Europe while tackling LGBTQIA+ topics, especially those related to aviation.

Why should I join?

Joining our organisation means taking a stance. Whether you belong to the LGBTQIA+ community or are a supporter – you are showing the world that diversity and inclusion matters. The more people that show this, the less room there is for those who choose to be against it. Some benefits include access to a professional network with mentoring opportunities, social events with a focus on advocacy and safe space for all, various discounts throughout the aviation world, access to events at our partner organisation NGPA and most importantly – a community that gets you.