Why join?

Why join?

 Why join?

NGPA: Because it’s who you are.

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community or support our community as an ally and have a passion for aviation, then you have found a home.

NGPA is Opportunity.

Whether it’s going on that first airplane ride at your local airport or landing the aviation career of your dreams, the NGPA provides the networking and opportunities to make that possible. From our local fly-ins to our premier recruiting event, the NGPA Industry Expo, membership gives you the connections that will help your dreams take flight.

NGPA is Community.

Local chapters are the heart and soul of the NGPA. While we’re best known for our biannual flagship events and the NGPA Industry Expo, it’s our local and university chapters that provide the community and lasting friendships which are the real benefits of NGPA membership. Find a local chapter near you or help start one and bring the NGPA to your community.

NGPA is Resources.

Members enjoy many benefits including our quarterly Contrails magazine and the informative On the Fly monthly newsletter. You’ll have access to medical consultation, mentoring, retirement planning, and discounts on college tuition, career consulting, travel, and aviation gear, in addition to our very successful scholarship program.

NGPA is Family.

One of the most common experiences of new NGPA members is the joy of discovering that they are not alone as an LGBTQ person with a passion for aviation. Whether you’re female, transgender, military, retired, or even raising your own family the NGPA offers the support and resources through which people with common experiences and backgrounds can connect.